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My name is Kjetil Almvik and I am an avid collector of Norwegian pottery and Norwegian ceramic. Have tried hard to create my own website where everyone has the opportunity to see nice pictures of the great Norwegian pottery. I am very interested to get feedback / opinions / questions from those of you who have looked at my site.

I have chosen to divide the pottery into 2 groups. Factory pottery and studio pottery. Unfortunately I am not able to bring all factories / artists, but I have submited the ones I have objects from. Has mainly concentrated on pottery from about 1930-1980, although I also have some items from both before and after this period.

Please give me feedback. What do you think of the site?

Feel free to email me any questions if you have any.

Look at the  Photo Gallery

I buy norwegian ceramics, so if you have something to sell, please contact me. I am mainly interested in what i call studio pottery, and if you are unsure what you have, feel free to email me.

Particular interested in these artists, but other artists can also be of interest:

Erik Plöen - Erik Ploen
Kari Christensen
Grete Nash
Hanne Heuch
Sören Ubisch - Soren Ubisch
Ole Lislerud
Eva Börresen - Eva Borresen
Torbjörn Kvasbö - Torbjorn Kvasbo
Yngvild Fagerheim
Arne Ase
Dagny og Finn Hald
Kare Berven Fjeldsaa (signatur KBF)
Jens Von Der Lippe
Margrete Von Der Lippe
Magne Kvilstad
Lisbeth Daehlin
Rolf Hansen
Willian Knutzen

Pottery from Norway ceramics from Norway

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